Pamela A Martin

I am of Cherokee, English ,Irish and Swedish decent. I am a registered tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

I’m known for my Southeastern woodland beaded bandoliers, and I am currently pursuing my passion of acrylic, watercolor, and ink paintings. I began taking oil and acrylic painting classes with my mother in the 1980’s, influenced by watching Bob Ross together. After my mom passed away in 2014, and my dad passed in 2015, he drew whimsical illustrations and my moms paintings that I inherited was calling me back to painting again.

I have several artists in my family that influenced me such as my Aunt Clesta Manley- Martin who was awarded Cherokee National Treasure in 2014, recently passed on in 2022.

I have been inspired by my Aunt Clesta since I was five. She gave me a tiny wolf painting. I have several in my family that are/ were artists. I also was given a beadloom from a family member.

I was inspired by Martha Berry, a Cherokee National Treasure in 2013. I saw one of her bandoliers online and in Bead and Button magazine- Dec. 2003 : “Finding a Lost Art.” I actually made my first bandolier with the directions from that magazine. I got in touch with her and she encouraged me to keep the tradition of our ancestors.

I was hooked on making them, they are very beautiful, so I eventually helped those who wanted a bandolier that told a story about them or their family clan.

I have made bandoliers for Choctaw, Creek, and other Southeastern Woodland tribes. They liked how my work is unique and are proud owners of their storytelling Bandolier’s.

I have won multiple awards for several bandoliers, and paintings.

Multiple paintings and works have been purchased by collectors and The Cherokee Nation Entertainment.

My painting style is an evolving modern mix of Landscapes and Nature. I enjoy keeping my Cherokee family tradition of painting and other artworks. For updates on my current work please go to my Facebook page.

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